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Gloria VI - $24,000

Gloria VI - $24,000

Created: 1993
Medium: Oil on Vellum
Measure approximately 34 inches wide by 35 inches tall
(Estate of Robert Heindel)

Heindel integrated the bones of a bird’s wing with the form of a dancer for Gloria VI, one of only four original paintings created for Sir Kenneth Macmillan's Gloria ballet, a haunting tribute to the young men who perished in the trenches of the First World War. The spectral figures of the women left behind by the tin-hatted soldiers are seen here in a pinkish mist of remembrance, entwined with their men or curled around themselves like fetuses. A perfect echo of the ballet's lament for the heartbreaking waste of life when men go to war.

1993AbstractBalletBlackBlueBrownDanceDeathFigurativeGloriaGrayOilPurpleSir Kenneth MacMillanThe Royal BalletVellumWhiteWomanYellow