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Figure Moving - Dark Studio - $45,000

Figure Moving - Dark Studio - $45,000

Created: 2002

Medium: Oil on board
Measures approximately 33 inches wide by 48 inches tall
(Direct sale from the Estate of Robert Heindel)

A single female dancer from the ballet Arthur, choreographed by David Bintley.

The legend of King Arthur has been told and re-told for centuries in books, song, poetry and film. In 2002, David Bintley completed his ballet cycle, thus two full length works 'Arthur' I & II which interpreted through dance the Camelot story.

For two years Robert Heindel followed the Birmingham Royal Ballet in both their home city and to Sadler Wells in London in order to see the extensive work evolve in its entirety.

'Arthur' provided a wealth of serious, rather sobering material and in doing so provoked some of the most profound panels Heindel ever painted. Many dealt upon the mood of the central characters, their passion, their hatred and ultimately hopelessness. Painted primarily in dark tones that captured the theatrics of stage and lighting, occasionally the artist would allow the shock of red to mirror the intensity of a pas de deux.

The paintings and drawings from Arthur were created in the studio from 2000 onwards; they represent the largest body of work, over sixty pieces, from a single ballet.