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Painted Wall #32 - $65,000

Painted Wall #32 - $65,000

Created: 1996
Medium: Oil on board
Measures Approximately 48 inches wide by 48 inches tall
(Private Sale - Estate introduction to seller)

A rare opportunity to own an original Robert Heindel abstract painting. Painted Wall #32 is one of ninety-one abstract paintings created by the artist between 1995 and 2003 in the painted wall series. A powerful example of late twentieth century Color Field painting, Painted Wall #32 held special meaning to the artist. The black stripe on white background represented the the artist’s eldest son Toby who died of cancer at age thirty. The white stripe represented the artist, immediately followed by a pink stripe, which represented his wife Rose, whose rose symbol was also used as his unique signature on this and many other original works by the artist. The remaining two red stripes represented the artist’s remaining living sons Troy and Todd. For Heindel, an artist widely acclaimed as the greatest painter of dance since Degas, these rarely available abstract works represented humanity’s struggle for life, love and meaning.