"Experts hold your work in the highest regards, I know, but for me it simply succeeds in capturing the spirit of dance."

-Diana, Princess of Wales

"Robert Heindel does not paint ballet; he paints dancers. He is not interested in portraying performance on the stage, he delights in depicting dancers practicing in their studios. He captures the humanness of the silent dancers, who continually work themselves harder and harder to their utmost limits in order to get as close as possible to the ideal beauty of their work - not for the sake of the audience, but for themselves. The figures in Heindel's paintings are in constant motion. Just as the dancers themselves never stop in their quest for beauty, so do the figures in his work incessantly move, vibrate with life."

-H. I. H. Prince Norihito Takamado

"Sometimes, during the weary hours of rehearsal, the last thing a dancer needs is an intruder with a sketch book or camera recording all the trials and secret worries that we all have whilst trying to accomplish the impossible. Robert Heindel, apart from being one of the most courteous and charming of men, manages to camouflage himself into the studio setting, somehow hiding his ‘spying’ eyes. Many silent photos later, and after the magic process has taken place in his studio, one is presented with not only a true image of oneself but with a beautiful study and record of the private moments that one thought had been hidden."

-Sir Anthony Dowell

"My impression of Robert Heindel was that he was a very quiet and gentle person. He and his wife seemed quite close, and I felt they strengthened themselves and their relationship through his art. Looking at his works, I really feel that he loved ballet. One can see from observing at how accurately he caught the basic lines of ballet movement - the way he expressed the arms and legs of classical ballet dancers - that he had a very firm understanding of ballet."

-Yoko Morishita, dancer

"I have an unreserved passion for dance, in particular, ballet. Of course I admire the physicality dancers achieve, but for me it is their ability to express emotion through a perfect body that is my ultimate allure. In my paintings, it is through those figures that I translate the feelings I have seen, fel and wish to convey."

-Robert Heindel

"The emotional vicissitudes that people experience in life like love, hate, fear, and death - emotions that make us ask, "Why do humans dance?" or "Why do humans love?" - lie hidden in the undercurrents of dance. I am interested in that."

-Robert Heindel

"I love drawing. Drawing is very straight and honest; deception doesn't work. There is an absoluteness about a line drawn on a white page."

-Robert Heindel

"I believe that an artist should be true and honest with himself. Then even if, for example, he suffers a negative experience, he is obliged to use that experience in a positive way."

-Robert Heindel

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