A Celebration of Ballet - Robert Heindel - Tokyo 2018 - The Robert Heindel Museum of Art
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The Red Sash

The Red Sash

Title: The Red Sash
Description: An oil on canvas work from the period of transatlantic visits to London in the mid 1980's.
Exhibited in the Royal Festival Hall in 1985, the image is of a single dancer from the London Festival Ballet in rehearsal. As is evident, Heindel chose to ignore any definite stage of studio reference, leaving significant areas of the canvas bare.
Artist: Robert Heindel
Catalogue ID: BAL-253
Date: 1985
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: w56 cm x h74 cm - w22 in x h29 in
Detail: http://www.rheindel.com/Art/Dance/Ballet/i-tQgLxNv
Rights: © Copyright 2018 Heindel Family LLC. All Rights Reserved

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