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The Choreographer
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Colour Study for Alas Who Will Love Me

Colour Study for Alas Who Will Love Me

Description: In the distinctive colour study for the eventual painting, Heindel chose to focus upon a moment of vulnerability portrayed by the dancer who attempts to maintain dignity, modesty and anonymity. The black 'visor' was an ingenious touch from the constume designer Philip Prowse, taking his cue from the 1960's press photography where the unnamed linked to scandal would have their eyes blanked in an effort to hide identity.
Catalogue ID: CB-024
Dimensions: w56 cm x h79 cm - w22 in x h31 in
Rights: Heindel Family LLC. All Rights Reserved.

1998BalletBirmingham Royal BalletBlackBlueBoardCarmina BuranaDanceDavid BintleyFigurativeMixed MediaPaintingStudyWhiteWoman