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Alas, Who Will Love Me?

Alas, Who Will Love Me?

Description: "The David Bintley ballet 'Carmina Burana' inspired a series of paintings and sketches in 1997/98. The collection was exhibited at The International Convention Centre (Halcyon Gallery) as part of a solo exhibition 'A Celebration of Bintely Ballets'.

Bintley took the choral work and intepreted it through dance for his company Birmingham Royal Ballet; Heindel used both sound and vision to create his responses.

As with 'Alas Who Will Love Me', text was incorporated into the finished paintings, the original German text translated then became the source for each title.

The noble forest blooms with flowers and leaves.
Where is my lover of yesterday?
He rode away on a horse.
Alas! Who will love me?"
Catalogue ID: CB-030
Dimensions: w165 cm x h112 cm - w65 in x h44 in
Rights: Heindel Family LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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