2003 - The Robert Heindel Museum of Art
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Guinevere, Out of the Shadows

Guinevere, Out of the Shadows

Description: "Following revelations of his queen's infidelity, King Arthur is forced to preside over the trial of Guinevere. Deprived of her finery she dances barefoot before her jurors. Guilty as charged, her sentence is that of imprisonment in a convent.

Heindel's tones in both study and painting reflect the severity of the scene, but he still gives sense that the movement is about to be resumed as Guinevere's tilt must surely advance."
Catalogue ID: AUG03-009-T
Dimensions: w58 cm x h76 cm - w23 in x h30 in
Rights: Heindel Family LLC. All Rights Reserved.

2003ArthurBalletBirmingham Royal BalletBlackBoardBrownDanceFigurativeMixed MediaPaintingStudyWhiteWoman