2003 - The Robert Heindel Museum of Art
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White Skirt On Grey

White Skirt On Grey

"White Skirt on Grey" was painted by Robert Heindel in 2003, late in his career. At first glance, it seems like a straightforward painting. But, consider the brush strokes. Look at the impossibly large strokes on, around, and even on the dancer. The original painting is roughly forty-three inches square, a large painting. Heindel would sometimes use four or even six-inch paint brushes to capture movement in a loose style, yet the dancer still looks believable! It's quite an effect.

Catalogue ID: MAY03-005-T
Dimensions: w97 cm x h98 cm - w38 in x h38.5 in
High Resolution: http://www.rheindel.com/Art/Dance/2003/i-6xcTNXq/A
Rights: Heindel Family LLC